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FUNNC UFA — 2021

Focused Ultrasound Non-invasive Neurosurgery Congress

Meet some breakthroughs in incisionless treatment of neurological disorders

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  • Review the latest investigations to guide how to manage optimally the patients with tremor.
  • Integrate the newest techniques and devices for MRI guided focused ultrasound treatment.
  • Compare and contrast different approaches to the hot debates among masters of MRGFUS.
  • Learn numerous treatment strategies through reviewing diverse challenging cases submitted from all around the world and discussing with world-renowned experts.



  • Neurosurgeons
  • Neurologists
  • Radiologists
  • Medical students
  • Nurses and technologists
  • Other health care professionals with special interest in non-invasive neurosurgery


Резида Галимова

Rezida Galimova
CEO Int. medical centre V.S. Buzaev memorial, MD, PHD,Neurosurgeon

Welcome Message

Валентин Николаевич Павлов

Valentin Pavlov
The Rector of Bashkir state medical university (Russia)

Welcome Message

Vice President for Insightec

Roni Yagel
Vice President for Int. Markets, Insightec

Welcome Message

Сафин Шамиль Иахмутович

Shamil Safin
Head of the Neurosurgery and medical rehabilitation dep. with the courses of neurosurgery, BSMU (Russia)

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Tokio, Japan

Takaomi Taira
Tokio womens's medical university (Japan)

MRgFUS treatment of distonia

MBBS (AIIMS), M.CH., D.PHIL. (PEMBROKE, OXON), FRCS (SN), Consultant Neurosurgeon and Head of Dep., Charing Cross Hospital and St. Mary's Hospital (London, UK)

MBBS (AIIMS), M.CH., D.PHIL. (PEMBROKE, OXON), FRCS (SN), Consultant Neurosurgeon and Head of Dep., Charing Cross Hospital and St. Mary's Hospital (London, UK)

Wider application of MRgFUS


Wei Chien, Chang, M.D.
Chairman at the Dep. of neurosurgery at the show Chwan memorial hospital, Chang Hwa County, Taiwan

Taiwan Show Chwan Memorial Hospital MRgFUS experience


Rick Schallhorn
Vice President Neurosurgery, Insightec

Breakthrough technology in neurosurgery

Navarra, Spain

Lain Hermes Gonzalez Quarante
MD, Neurosurgeon, University clinic of Navarra (Spain)

Welcome Message

Игорь Вячеславович Бузаев

Igor Buzaev
Co-Founder of the Int. Medical centre V.S. Buzaev Memorial, DSCI in Medicine, MD, PHD, Interventional Radiologist

The role of digital technologies in the implementation of complicated medical procedures in COVID-19 era

Congress Program

11:00:00 Rezida Galimova. Opening

11:03:00 Valentin Pavlov, Roni Yagel, Shamil Safin — Welcome message

11:12:00 Rezida Galimova. One year as a MRgFUS treatment site

12:02:00 Wei-Chieh Chang — MRGFUS experience of Chang Bing Show Chwan Memorial Hospital

12:33:00 Lain Hermes Gonzalez Quarante — University Clinic of Navarra MRGFUS experience

13:33:00 Rick Schallhorn — Breakthrough technology in neurosurgery

13:45:00 Igor Buzaev — The role of digital technologies in the implementation of complex medical procedures in COVID-19 era

13:55:00 Olga Kachemaeva Neurological outcomes in patients treated with MRgFUS with movement disorders

14:05:00 Dmitriy Krekotin — Post MRgFUS treatment radiological markers of clinical outcome

14:25:00 Professor Dipankar Nandi — Wider applications of MRgFUS

14:40:00 Discussion


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INCISIONLESS SURGERY Using sound waves to treat instead of a scalpel.



A healthier world with more precise and efficient care.

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We care patients  with tremor from any part of the world using MRgFUS.

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