Вячеслав Степанович Бузаев (22.1.1948, Уфа — 12.4.2012, Уфа)

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V.S. Buzaev Memorial
International Medical Center® in Ufa, Russia

The Alchemy of Intelligence and Compassion

The Medical Center

Клиника Бузаева

A point of attraction for medical tourists, our clinic is aiming at managing involuntary trembling of the  the limbs and head in essential tremor and Parkinson’s disease.

V. S. Buzaev Memorial International Medical Centre® is the first medical center in Russia for MRI-guided focused ultrasound treatment (MRgFUS). At the medical center, the technology of non-invasive neurosurgery with focused ultrasound is constantly developing: for the first time in the world, bilateral simultaneous elimination of essential tremor in both hands has been performed. For the first time in Russia, a hypothalamic hamartoma has been eliminated, and patients with Parkinson’s disease and dystonia are successfully operated on on a regular basis.

V.S. Buzaev Clinic is the first medical center in Russia that offers neurosurgical interventions using MRI-guided focused ultrasound.

The Technology

What is focused ultrasound treatment?

The key benefits

The procedure takes only one day, not requiring anesthesia, ionizing radiation or any implantable medical devices.

MRgFUS is the state-of-the-art, effective, and safe method for managing tremor and neuropathic pain. The method is approved автором the FDA for clinical use in the US and other countries, including Russia.

Certified as an independent center, the clinic is engaged in new directions.


MRgFUS – The Medicine of the Future.

Who can we help?

From November 2020 we can help patients with more than just tremor. We have expanded our portfolio of indications for surgery with focused ultrasound in patients with Parkinson’s disease:

  1. Idiopathic Parkinson’s disease.
  2. Tremor difficult to control with proper drug therapy.
  3. “Off” periods.
  4. Dyskinesia.
  5. Levodopa-induced dystonia.
  6. A difference of 30% or more in MDS-UPDRS scores between on and off periods.
  7. Pain syndrome in the arms or legs.

With these inclusion parameters we can provide assistance to patients even at stage 4 of the disease (Hoehn, Yahr, 1967).

To determine indications for focused ultrasound therapy, we provide online consultations. To make an appointment, send us an e-mail request to info@imcb.ru
or call us at +7 967 74 06 099

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Clinical Case

Our patient, 71 years old, diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, tremor-dominant form, with predominant involvement of the right side, was operated on using MRgFUS technology.

центр экстрапирамидных и когнитивных нарушений. Уфа

MRgFUS clinical case. 

Follow-up in 2 years.

For more video reviews of our patients and additional materials on MRgFUS visit our YouTube channel.

Where our patients from?


Our clinic covers accommodation, transfer, and meal expenses for one patient and one attendant in Hilton Hotel (possibly in other hotels in the city), transfers to the hotel, clinic and airport and back; meals in the hotel and clinic.

The clinic staff speaks English. The clinic offers its medical services to patients from other countries and participates in the federal project “Development of the export of medical services”.

The clinic staff speaks English. The clinic has a representative to assist Arab patients. The clinic is ready to provide medical services to citizens of other countries and to take part in the implementation of the federal project «Development of the export of medical services».


Characterized автором a unique, diverse climate, the Republic of Bashkortostan (RB) is a region  with steppes, the oldest mountains on Earth, clean mountain rivers, lakes, and reservoirs.

* recreational activities paid separately.

Республика Башкортостан

Among many talented friends of our center is Elvira Yamalova, professor at Bashkir State University. She gladly shared with us some photos of the Bashkir nature. Thank you, Elvira Nailevna!

Contact us

Address: Zorge str. 17/4, Ufa city, Russia

Phone, WhatsApp, Telegram (English): +7 967 740-60-99
(Rezida Galimova, PHD, Neurosurgeon).

* Vyacheslav Stepanovich Buzaev (DOB: December 5, 1947, Ufa, BASSR, RSFSR) — Soviet and Russian scientist, clinician, cardiac surgeon, endovascular surgeon. Doctor of Medical Sciences, Honored Doctor of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Chief Freelance X-Ray Surgeon of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus, Cardiovascular Surgeon of the Highest Category. Member of the Association of Surgeons of the Republic of Bashkortostan. Founder of the school for X-ray surgery in the Republic of Bashkortostan.

He performed the first coronary angiography in the Republic of Bashkortostan, the first stenting of the coronary arteries, the first endovascular treatment of acute myocardial infarction, the first endovascular procedures for congenital heart defects in children. Author of over 60 scientific papers and 6 inventions

** For full information about medical tourism in Russia visit www.russiamedtravel.ru